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Indigo Hemp Shirt

This mens shirt looks like denim, but is actually indigo hemp twill. The design is original (from a hand-drafted pattern), and features flat-fell seam details and band collar.

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"HOW TO USE IT" ...Applying Interfacing!

You will find that using all of our  Pro-Series Interfacings is virtually foolproof when you follow the instructions!
That's because they are made to the exacting standards of professional quality 
exclusively for ~FASHION SEWING SUPPLY~.  
Of course, you should test any interfacing (including ours) on your Fashion Fabric to make sure it is appropriate for your garment before fusing the entire project !

Get the free PDF instruction sheet
~ How to Use Pro-Series Interfacing ~
HERE on the Tutorial Page
at www.FashionSewingSupply.com 

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