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Changes that Need Time

I knew it would happen eventually...there is just so much information that I can cram into this older blog format. So I will be making some changes to this site, and will be building a new blog site dedicated exclusively to shirt-making subjects (including moving all of my shirt-making tutorials to the new site, showing my client work there, adding new tutorials, etc).

I will announce the new Shirt-making site to you here, as soon as it is ready. (umm...don't hold your breath...I haven't even started it yet!  *smile*)

Because of that, along with some other Shirt-making projects I am working on and new interfacing products that I am developing now for future release...I likely will not be posting to this site with much regularity.

So...please don't think that anything is wrong or that I am ill. I just have countless things going on in my sewing-related businesses...some of them quite exciting...and there are just so many hours in a day.

However, you are likely to see at least one new shirt shown here rather soon....I need to fine-tune the design and get it made before Roger's birthday on June 18th!

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