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Sometimes I need Ruffles...

I love my profession as a ShirtMaker...I truly do. But sometimes I just need to take a break to sew something whimsical.   This dress is one of my original designs...drafted by hand. It is a simple design, so the drafting was fast, fun, and easy...and the sewing was a delight.  Especially since it is for a little girl who is as sweet as can be!

I made these dresses for 4-year old Julianna, who like her little sister Brooklyn are like "adopted grand-daughters" to me :)    Recently when I gave her some shorts and tops I had made for her, she politely asked, "Mrs. Pam, will you please make me some more pretty dresses?"   That little voice went straight to my heart, and the result is the dress you see above, and the one below...

The bright and happy little dress was made with a pattern from the summer 2011 issue of Ottobre Design. I "tweaked" the design a little bit to suit my mood at the moment I was cutting it out...adding a pocket and making the skirt fuller by adding a piece of coordinating fabric.

Next, between sewing shirts for my clients, and filling orders for interfacing...I need to make some new "pretties" for Julianna's little sister, and something nice for their mommy too! And just maybe I'll have a little time left to sew for myself...

Sewing Notes:  Both dresses are made from lightweight 100% cotton fabrics. Bodice facings are interfaced with "ProSheer Elegance" Fusible Interfacing from Fashion Sewing Supply.


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Blogger Jeannie B. said...

Very cute ruffles!

6:22 PM  
Anonymous Karen said...

My dgd would love these dresses too. I like what you did with the straps and great print matching.

6:24 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

These dresses are so cute! I love the mix of fabrics and the ruffle. The straps on the purple dress are brilliant, did you just feed them through buttonholes? What a great way to make an adjustable strap!

6:58 PM  
Blogger Pam~Off The Cuff ~ said...

Hi Amy...yes the straps are just threaded through buttonholes..so easy, and the dress can be adjusted easily to custom-fit the child.

There are many designers on Etsy.com who sell patterns similar to the one I designed. Just search there for "Childrens Sewing Patterns PDF"...so many cute variations on the "knot straps" concept there :)

7:32 PM  
Blogger Ann's Fashion Studio said...

These are adorable.

7:44 PM  
Blogger Redrockcity said...

Those are so cute! I am sure the little girls will love them!!

11:17 PM  
Blogger Lori said...

Darling dresses, how fun for you.

11:33 PM  
Blogger Bonnie D. said...

Adorable! Did you use grommets on that top dress? I just adore the ruffle trim and the fabric choices.

1:03 AM  
Blogger Pam~Off The Cuff ~ said...

Hi Bonnie...I didn't use grommets to have an opening for the straps...just regular buttonholes :)

4:04 AM  
Blogger Stash Empress said...

OH my, I just love that purple ruffly dress!!! (You should submit the design to Ottobre!)

10:59 AM  
Blogger MushyWear said...

So adorable. I love the choices you made in coordinating the fabrics with your design.

2:39 PM  
Anonymous Joan said...

Those dresses are adorable. You combine prints to make such precious things. Makes me wish for a little girl to sew for!

6:18 PM  
Anonymous Bred Pit said...

Wow! Pamela, it's adorable. I like & love the ruffles you have created and gives me an idea to make some good patterns for my daughter also. You are so creative and i must appreciate that.

3:23 AM  
Anonymous Lina said...

These are adorable.

12:18 AM  
Blogger Bunny said...

This is so adorable. Sewing a child's garment goes so quickly and takes all sorts of creative intentions, such great fun. Thanks for sharing with us all.

9:36 PM  
Blogger Gail said...

The first dress is so pretty. Perfect for a girlie summer.

7:16 PM  
Anonymous Andy said...

These are adorable

11:46 PM  
Blogger Paige said...

Adorable dresses! So glad I found your blog.

9:23 PM  

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