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What Your Mama Never Told You About Sewing...

The Needle Knows !


When sewing seams or topstitching or even basting....remember: The sewing machine needle knows what it's doing...you don't have to watch it! The needle does its thing...moving up and down forming stitches, all on its own. Isn't modern technology wonderful? :)

To ensure nice straight seams, topstitching, etc, SIGHT THE FABRIC, NOT THE NEEDLE while sewing. You will be much happier with the results.


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The Bachelor Pleat (tm)

The Bachelor Pleat (tm)
Originally uploaded by Pamela I. E..
Originally designed for a musician who needed both high style and comfortable ease of movement, THE BACHELOR PLEAT (tm) has become a favorite of many OTC clients...bankers, brokers, golfers, and musicians alike! Gosh, even engineers like it!

This carefully engineered back pleat can be added to any OTC design.

The BACHELOR PLEAT (tm) is perfect for the needs of the average bachelor: Throw it in the washer, take it out of the dryer, and wear it with style!


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~Off The Cuff~ 2005 ~Style~

Always a favorite, this shirt with contrasting lined collar is further detailed with sleeve hem accents. The back "Bachelor Pleat" TM, further enhances the ultra comfort of this classic design.


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Shirt "Mold" ...It ain't pretty!

Disclaimer: The poorly sewn shirt shown is from a department store, It is NOT one of the custom shirts from my studio !

It's sneaky, it's insidious.
Oh yes dear readers, it's another incident of ugly "shirt mold"! Shirt Mold? Well, not actually mold...but still ugly. Lint has collected between the folds of this shirt's front button-band. Because the fabric is thin and not of the best quality, the trapped lint makes it seem as if the shirt is soiled.

What can be done? A tailor or seamstress can top-stitch on either side of the buttonhole along the inner and outer edges of the front band. This will stop lint from collecting in the folds. Otherwise, you have no choice but to try to pick that ugly "shirt mold" out by hand.

To prevent this dreaded situation from ever happening again, BUY BETTER SHIRTS...or learn to make your own!

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Yet MORE artistic FUN!

While net-surfing one fine day, I found what I think is an outstanding collection of FREE nature inspired fonts.

There are 3 distinct nature collections named SAUERTWIGGO, TWIGDANCER, and MISTER TWIGGY, plus other cool fonts on Chank's "Free Fonts" page.

I am not quite sure how I will use these to enhance my personal fashions...I have some ideas...we'll see....

How would you use these "nature-letters"...hmmm? ...and be prepared for me to steal your ideas! LOL


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