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They are here!

Our NEWEST Styles of Custom-Milled, Professional Grade INTERFACING
have Just Arrived at www.FashionSewingSupply.com 
...at special Introductory DISCOUNT Prices!

(I promise to get back to sewing as soon as I can! Orders are pouring in for these fabulous new Interfacing styles, and we want to get them shipped to you as quickly as possible :)

ProWoven Superior Sew-in LIGHT Interfacing
A lightly crisp sew-in Interfacing made from
100% totally stable COTTON, that does NOT shrink!

ProWoven Superior Sew-in MEDIUM Interfacing
A medium crisp sew-in Interfacing that stays crisp.
...perfect for shirt collars/cuffs, and waistbands.
100% totally stable COTTON that does NOT shrink!

ProWoven LIGHT-Crisp Fusible Interfacing
Because you asked for it...we made
a Lighter version of our popular Shirt-Crisp Fusible.
100% totally stable COTTON that does NOT Shrink!

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