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Shark (collar) Attack!

First of all, I Did NOT design and sew the shirts shown below...now moving right along....

Have you noticed this trend in designer shirts?  It's an extremely wide spread collar, now often called a "Shark" Collar (for its resemblance to shark fins).

 <click photo to see detail>

 A wide spread collar is often asked for when  the client wants to wear a tie with a prominent knot with his dress shirt...but these days, as you can see above, designers are adding "shark" collars to casual shirts as well as more formal styles.

But if you go to an experienced Shirt-maker who has been in the trade for more than a minute...and ask for a shark-collar, you are likely to get a quizzical glance complete with raised eyebrows. Why?  Because to Shirt-makers, this is just a wide-spread collar. We'll make a collar for a client with any degree of spread they want. Sure, most of have a 'look book' with a variety of collar styles that have different names..but collar style names often differ between Shirt-makers from different countries. So many of us use actual sewn examples and/or pictures with names or numbers.

Here's a very quickly sketched example of what a "shark" collar pattern draft might look like.  Might?  Yes...keep in mind that the new spread (shown in green) can be even more extreme.  [Please note that only 1/2 of the collar is shown.]  If you change a collar from a typical one to a "Shark" style, the collar's short ends will lean towards the Center Back at an angle from the original draft as shown.  You will also see that I made the new (green) "shark"collar wider as it approached the point...that's because it would be my personal preference (design choice) on this collar that was already very narrow...nothing more than that.

So...what do you think?  Yay or Nay to the Shark Collar?  Do you like it?        Would you or your partner wear a shirt with this collar style?

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