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Playing with Collar Design

Recently as I was stitching my...oh...10,000th flat collar, a wave of boredom hit me. So...I started to play! One of the ways I come up with new design elements is to tweak the traditional and see what happens.

This pleated collar on a silk dupionni shirt/blouse is the result of my latest "play-time". All the pleat manipulation is done after the flat collar is applied to the shirt, the pleats fastened down by careful hand stitching on the collar's underside.


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Anonymous Steve said...

Hi Pamela,

It's so impressive to see your thoughts and wonderful design ideas come to life on your site.

Your collar treatment today looks great and reminds me.......

I am currently shopping for a tux for my friends daughters wedding that I will be attending next month. I've seen many styles online.

What are your suggestions regarding style.

I seem to think a notch collar, 2 button, no vent style is appealing and sharp, without running the risk of somebody ordering another shrimp cocktail from me.

Any thoughts? Insights? I'd get you another shrimp cocktail if asked.


9:26 AM  
Blogger Pamela Erny said...

Hello Steve, and thanks for your comment.

Your style instincts are spot-on.
A notch collar, 2 button, no vent style tux is classic and will never go out of style...a perfect choice!

So, you'd get me a shrimp cocktail, hmmmm? But would you deliver it to Buffalo, that's the big question. LOL!


4:10 PM  
Anonymous KathleenSews said...

What a great design detail. I love the way it makes the collar sit.

12:14 PM  

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