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ProTailor Deluxe...A VERY special NEW Interfacing

“Pro-Tailor Deluxe” Fusible Interfacing
  comes to us from the very finest and Famous New York City Fashion Design workrooms. 
~Pro-Tailor Deluxe~ is a unique WARP-insertion Woven Fusible Interfacing that is made for tailoring applications like waistbands, collars, lapels, and all other traditional tailoring needs. It is almost like a blend of hair canvas and weft...It is slightly crisp, yet it's special weave gives it a very fluid hand..so hard to describe but simply devine!  Use it on wools,  suit-weight silks, medium linen, suit-weight microfiber, denim, gabardine, and more.
This medium weight Very drapey, Very special interfacing is stable and it Does Not Shrink.It is washable (delicate cycle) and may also be dry-cleaned.

This Medium weight VERY special Interfacing is stable and it DOES NOT SHRINK. It is washable (delicate cycle) and may also be dry-cleaned.
Pro-TAILOR Deluxe FUSIBLE Interfacing
30% Stable Rayon, 70% Polyester -- 66" wide !

COLOR-- Dark Gray or Natural
Please Visit ~FASHION SEWING SUPPLY~ for more information.

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